Hello my name is Hanna, Doula Hanna Tia Abuela!

I am extremely fortunate to have a wonderful family. My husband Gavin and I have two daughters, Tehya and Lolah Blue. We have two crazy and very loveable rescue dogs Lara and Leo! We have an extended family that we all adore and are very close to, Gavin’s sister and my siblings all have children and ‘the’ cousins are much loved and are good friends. So, all in all we are very blessed!

I am deeply passionate about family, friendship, community and village! I am an advocate for support and supportive networks and feel strongly that we function at our best as a ‘part’ of something bigger than just ‘ourselves’. This was in part, what inspired my business name, the translation of which is ‘great aunt’… I am dedicated to supporting families and love the stories of ’wise women – great aunties’ who (in Western culture sadly mostly lost) live as part of a wider community, offering support, knowledge, guidance and love!

In my role as doula / birth and postnatal support advocate, this concept of the ‘wise woman – great aunt’ is at the center of what I do. Bringing the families I work with; my knowledge, a wealth of evidence-based research and literature from my library, my experience, my expertise, my passion…my heart, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, a champion and advocate if necessary.

I read a quote in a wonderful article some time ago, the doula described herself as ‘ a silent ninja’.  love that idea; a silent ninja doula!

My mission: To provide exceptional quality antenatal, labour / birth and postnatal support / guidance, both physical and emotional to families during their pregnancy, birth and beyond