“Happy International Women’s Day to one of the most inspirational women I know. Thank you for giving me the strength to have another child when all hope had gone and fear took over. I am forever grateful to you.”

Love Flo

“Hanna is honestly the most caring person I have ever met, she has so much passion for what she does and her knowledge never ceases to amaze me. 
she is very easy to talk to and I can comfortably confide in Hanna.
I would recommend her to anyone looking for a Doula.
Thank you Hanna, for being you…”

Love Amy

“Hanna. I wish every mum could have you accompany them on their birthing journey. You were such a calm, positive and stabilising influence for me. With your support I was able to advocate for the needs of myself and my baby and achieve my home birth free from fear. I’ll be forever grateful.”

Love Esme

“Nannie thinks so too, Hanna you put the human touch back into childbirth. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job of looking after my daughter and grandson.”

Love Sue

“Without the support of Hanna and the group I would have given up breastfeeding in the first few weeks. Through expert advice and support I managed to overcome some initial hurdles and I have now surpassed my goal of 3 months. I feel like my bond with my baby is so much stronger because of this amazing woman/group and I could not be more thankful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”.​

Love Roslyn

“Darling Hanna… hand holder, brow wiper, confidence booster, pain soother, memory teller, woman whisperer, cheerleader, and SISTER. 
These are just titles but when YOU put them all together, it is essentially MAGIC.
Your love and passion is tangible and something I am eternally grateful and blessed for…”

Love B

“People look at me in disbelief when I talk about it, how much I loved giving birth! Empowering, mind blowing and without a doubt it transformed me as a person in every way. I can’t thank you enough for getting me to that point. You are a very special soul”

Love Rae

“I wanted to do a public post about someone super special who has guided myself and Ben through hypnobirthing with our second pregnancy. First of all I really can say that I could not of got through the natural labour I did without the help of Doula Hanna Holcroft (and Ben of course ;)). I was educated with all the information I needed, taught techniques and discussed what I wanted out of this birthing experience because with my first child, it was all very medical. You can’t judge until you have tried and I really can vouch for Hanna and the support she offers. She is a truly amazing person and aims to provide you with exceptional quality antenatal, labour/birth and postnatal support/guidance, both physical and emotional, not only to us women but to your partners and families (she’s also a bloody good laugh and makes it so easy to open up). Ben really benefitted from the hypnobirthing too, he attended every session and his support and presence at the birth of our second child I couldn’t fault one bit, everything he had learnt was put into action. We were a team this time round and it felt empowering.
Thank you Hanna for your continued support after the birth and with breastfeeding, you’re amazing.”

Love Rose and Ben

“Hanna, you are a very special lady! Your knowledge, your kind and loving manner and passion for peaceful and gentle approach is increadible. There are so many families you have supported. Thank you!”

Lots of love Camilla

Thank you so much for today! You helped fill in the gaps and have given me more confidence 💙 I now have a clearer plan in my head which helps massively. Ricko likes that he now has more confidence and knowledge to be able to make decisions for me if necassary, which is brilliant. Mum said you are amazing at what you do and can see how passionate you are and said I need to be a doula when the kids are older 😁😁Your time is invaluable x

Lots of love Danielle

For information regarding recovery from a traumatic pregnancy, birth or postnatal period please contact me via email: hanna@hypnobirth.es