Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal training course which helps you to relax, understand, and take control of your own childbirth experience.  It provides the knowledge and tools to help you make the right birth decisions for you and for your baby.

Many women enjoy a more comfortable and sometimes pain-free birth, with a shorter labour and with less drugs and medical intervention needed.  Birth partners have a central role providing essential support, a truly shared and loving experience.

  • With HypnoBirthing you are likely to experience a natural, calm, comfortable birth.
  • You may find you don’t need any pain relief at all.
  • It often shortens the length of labour.
  • You will be more alert and in control.
  • Hypnobirthing lessens the physical impact of childbirth.
  • The father is actively involved.
  • He knows that he has played an important role in the birth of his child.
  • Allows your baby to enter the world drug-free and in an atmosphere of calm and gentleness. 

Making a Difference To Birth For You and Your Baby 

KGHypnobirthing gives you the knowledge and the tools to have the best natural child birth for you.

You need information and knowledge in order to get the best from the system in which you find yourself.  You need to understand the implications of the choices you may be required to make. 

Most of all, you need to release fear and learn to trust your body, your instinct, and your baby.  In order to do this, you need information and knowledge.